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If your choosing a wedding photographer it can be difficult finding the right one in amongst the minefield of terminoligies and styles.



What is a reasonable price for a wedding photographer.?

Photography is an important part of most couples wedding day plans. When budgeting for photography its usual to scan through lots of options finding which style you like and comparing prices or photo packages. A common question regarding wedding photography is how much does a wedding photographer cost.


There's a significant difference in pricing depending on how long you want the photographer to stay or whether you want additional items like albums and thank you cards. Number of guests effects the costs too, basically more guests means more shots and more time in post production getting everything perfect. If you would like to determine how much it will cost for your wedding photography our prices are about average. The way events are normally priced:

wedding photography prices are generally based on few simple factors:

  • Time At The Event

  • Number Of Guests Attending

  • Location Of Service & Reception

  • Albums & Extras




"we have a simple range of individually priced packages and affordable wedding photography, choose an option to suit your budget"


What should be included in a wedding photography package.?

Package options make the process of booking your wedding photography easy, set your budget and choose an option which suits. Choose the amount of time you need a photographer for, then choose the bolt ons like albums cards and engagement shoots.


Things to ask about when looking for wedding photography packages:

  • How long is the photographer at the event?

  • Does the price include post production?

  • Can I access my pictures online?

  • Do I get a albums & extras?


" a handful of  favorite wedding shots"

What kind of wedding photography style should I choose.?

Photographers tend to shoot a variety of different styles depending on their vision and clients preference. Natural Wedding Photography is favoured in the Midlands and very popular. More recently Vintage photography has seen a resurgence where the antique tints and tones of yesteryear are replicated are applied in post production to all or certain sets of pictures, maybe its down to the success of that peaky blinders look or just the trendy revival of retro.



The wedding of Nicky and Dan at St Marys Church, Stourbridge

Vintage Wedding Photography

There's a few wedding photography styles most are used over the period of an event, here's some used on a regular basis:

  • Natural wedding photography

  • Documentary style wedding photography

  • Traditional wedding photography

  • Reportage style wedding photography

  • Vintage wedding photography

What happens after the wedding photographs are taken.?

After the event the photographer usually chooses the best images ready for post production. Rejected images usually include ones where expressions aren't quite right or when people blink. Its quite normal to shoot around 500 - 2000 images per wedding. The selection process normally wittles that amount down to about 100 - 300 prime shots. It maybe higher depending on the size of the guest list. Its reasonable to assume that Post production should be completed within a few weeks of creation.


Post production should go to define a photographers style and at the same time gel the collection of pictures together so it becomes a stylistic journey for the viewer rather than just a collection of snapshots. Certain shots will work better in black and white which captures drama and emotion.perfectly particularly when shooting documentary style wedding photography.




Should I choose a wedding photographer near me.?

Every photographer has their own individual way of working, Some choose to work locally and nationally or shoot international destination weddings.  The advantages of choosing a wedding photographer who is local may not be obvious. There's such an amazing selection of photographers out there why wouldn't you choose style or price over locality?

While we all try to do our bit, environmental issues associated with travelling are a factor in why we would do better by choose local services. This coupled with the horrendous traffic delays that surround Birmingham and the Midlands make choosing a local wedding photographer the logical option. It's certainly something that's worth bearing in mind. Not just for couples with a ecological conscience. Why risk loosing precious memories saying vows to one another while wondering when the out of town photographer will turn up.

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