Simon Donnelly Photographer

Colman Hill, 

Halesowen, Birmingham, B63 2AL

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My father had a love for photography and at a early age he taught me how to use the camera. 

I left school and trained as a studio assistant alongside him at an award winning advertising agency in Harborne, Birmingham.

The company took me on after a few years training and I started shooting a wide variety of advertising photography including room sets, car photography and locations for local bands like UB40 and local brands like 
Land Rover.

This was a unique situation where I could bounce new techniques and ideas around with the other five photographers who worked there.


Simon Donnelly Photographer
Wedding and Events Photography

A bit about me...

With the work in hand I started to focus on people orientated photography including fashion & portraiture.

I developed my own printing techniques working alongside great black and white technicians including the late famed fashion photographer Sir Terence Donovan.


Once confident enough to repeat the results achieved in the darkrooms to a consistent level, I applied what I'd learnt to.

The work I was shooting, at the time I became the youngest affiliate member of the British Institute of Professional Photographers and in the process, changed their attitudes and policies on age and Photographer Licentiate-ship.


Working as a speaker on the Kodak Pro road show I demonstrated my different style of printing and lighting to budding photographers up and down the country.

I also joined the Association of Fashion and Editorial Photographers in London where my work was featured in their  celebrated "Introducing" exhibition.


Travelling has been a major factor in my photographic journey with projects and stints in Paris, Berlin, Manilla, South India, Miami, Bahamas and New York which included working with the legendary Oprah Winfrey and documenting the disaster that was 9/11.

I've covered most genres of 'people' photography including bands singers, parties, clubs and fashion. 

I love shooting a variety of subjects but maintain a passion for photographing people and social events or that annual family portrait.



Weddings in particular are a great opportunity to get some great shots and nail some precious memories forever. 

Love is an amazing subject to capture with plenty of raw emotion. It's an honour for me sharing this happiest day and I love creating timeless pictures that define it.

I like using natural light and capturing details that go to make
a special day or event.


My style is relaxed and simple. 

I tend to let people be themselves and create fashionable images with a twist of style that tell the story of the day.

I capture the smiles, joy and laughter naturally getting the shots you need with the least disruption to the natural flow of your event.

I would love to hear from you..