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Natural Wedding Photographer Birmingham

Natural Wedding Photography What It Means To Me

While photographers share the same principles our styles are what separate us.

Over the years as a natural wedding photographer I've often been asked what kind of wedding photography I shoot I usually reply "I am a natural wedding photographer"

Natural Wedding Photographer Birmingham

I basically use the term for two simple reasons. a) I like using natural available daylight where possible. b) I try not to coerce my clients into poses they don't feel natural and prefer to capture their natural expressions.

From grand churches to city registry offices, Lavish Gardens or ancient treehouses your natural pictures should define the day in an informal and candid way. They should tell the day as a story and ideally capture things the bride and groom miss when they are so wrapped up with their guests. It doesn't matter the time of year, you can get great photographs anytime, anywhere. I've worked at weddings where its absolutely tipped it down with rain as couples leave the church but even this can lead to priceless unique pictures.

Natural Wedding Photographer Birmingham

Some of my favourite shots were taken as a bride and groom dashed from the church to the reception in one of the worst Christmas snow storms of the century.

Wedding Photographers Birmingham

They were memorable weather conditions with many roads closed, I remember leaving the day before just to make sure I got there ok. The wedding of Caroline and Jonathan. Christmas Time at Hailey Bury Chapel and imperial Service College Hertfordshire made for a magical set of photographs.

The moral of the story being don't worry whatever happens due to acts of god be rest assured the outcome will always make for fantastic pictures. It's the photographs capturing unexpected and joyful moments that we look back on with such a feeling of fondness.

I love shooting pictures focusing on natural moments of joy and affection, photographs that find a persons soul. That can encompass a wide range of variables and situations, anything from getting changed to hugging your parents.

Wedding Photographer Birmingham

Capturing the emotion as you are saying your vows or the joy at swinging your friends around on the dance floor. The results are pictures that look natural and evoke floods of emotion.

Dance floors are a favourite place, in general as I like to boogie but as a place for great pics too, instead of typical up close, intimate shots, I focus on more body framing to include more of the setting and capture the lights, movement and of course the atmosphere.

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In these modern times natural wedding photography is no longer just for daytime its for the party too.

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I'm a great believer and advocate for natural wedding photography along with my other styles  Natural wedding photography should be fun and relaxed, it's a more honest type of photography as I'm not asking you to pose.

Wedding Photographer Local Birmingham

You get to see a more authentic interpretation of your character without the hassle of having to pretend. For me personally I find it hard posing naturally when someone points a camera at me and says smile I normally end up with a fake goofy grin so prefer to stay the other side of the lens.  :) 

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