Photography Floodgate Street | Digbeth Birmingham | Abstract Fine Art Print

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Photography Floodgate Street | Digbeth Birmingham | Abstract Fine Art Print

Floodgate St Birmingham Pictures

A minimal style abstract reflecting colours of grey and green around the canals and buildings of industrious Digbeth, Birmingham. 100cm x 30cm or 3, 30cm x 30cm

Mediums: Colour, Digital, Giclée, Full Spectrum, Photo
Materials: Canvas, Print.

Floodgate St Birmingham Photographs
3, 30cm x 30cm

Floodgate Street | Digbeth Birmingham

The image was created from an original photograph taken at the meeting point of River Street and Floodgate Street, Birmingham UK. Digbeth's street names refer to an embankment that was built to prevent flooding. It was as early as the 12th Century that Digbeth played its part of an important regional route which brought travellers and trade from different towns. Digbeth is one of the oldest parts of Birmingham and has a rich industrial heritage. It was historically an important manufacturing and trading area during the Industrial Revolution. As a result, you can find many historical buildings and warehouses in the district.

The Custard Factory Creative Centre

Today Digbeth and the area around The Custard Factory is more renown for modernistic facades, street art and graffiti but look around the back and great architectural gems from our more industrious past reside here too.

Tall Chimneys Photographs from Old Birmingham

Contrasting views along the same street. Digbeth hosts a variety of cultural events, including food festivals, music festivals, and art exhibitions. It's a place where creativity and culture come together.
In recent years, Digbeth has developed a reputation as a creative and artistic hub. It's home to numerous art galleries, creative spaces, and independent businesses. There are often art exhibitions, cultural events, and music festivals taking place in the area.

Modern End Of Floodgate Street Birmingham
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