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Featuring Remi, one of this year’s Run For champions. The photo & video media produced was used for general PR and social media content.

Screen Shot From Sense Website Photography

Sense helps everyone living with complex disabilities. For everyone who is deafblind. Sense is here to help people communicate and experience the world. To find out how they can support visit

Sense Charity Social Media Photography

Sign up to run 26.2 miles in the month of October and get matched with one of the incredible children Sense work with. Get motivated by their story as you complete your challenge and help make sure no one is #LeftOutOfLife

Sense Charity Social Media Photographs
Meet Remi, one of the Procrastination Prevention Officers helping keep you motivated as you take on Run For Champions. She's so excited to help cheer you on to run 26.2 miles this October, and she thinks it's really cool that everyone is welcome to take on the challenge in their own way.
Remi is proud of who she is. Her mum heard from a teacher that Remi wants to be a unicorn, “because it’s good to be different.”
She's got a great relationship with her sister, they're super close, and she wants to give you the same kind of sisterly support to help you on your journey.
Remi is really into messy play, it's her fave.
So, sign up and Run For Remi, put on a unicorn horn and get a little messy, splash through some puddles and jump in some mud this October.

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