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Channel 5's Travelling Man | Percy Bennett

Percy Bennett Portrait Photography
Percy Bennett 

I caught up with Romani Gypsy Percy on my way to the Liverpool Disco Festival a few years ago, a random sighting along the side of the road, an odd occasion when I was heading to meet friends for socials and I had my Camera with me, I rarely mix the two. 

The pictures were shot just before he set out with hunting hawks to catch protein for the family pot. Living off the land and hunting with animals are well established traditions in Gypsy culture.
Percy and his family are currently featuring on "Here Come the Gypsies" a British television documentary series that aired on Channel 5 in the UK. The series provides an inside look into the lives and traditions of Gypsy and Traveller communities in the United Kingdom. It explores their unique way of life, customs, and challenges they face, offering viewers a better understanding of these communities.

The show typically features interviews with Gypsies and Travellers, as well as footage of their day-to-day activities, cultural events, and celebrations. The aim of the series is to shed light on the diversity within these communities and challenge stereotypes and misconceptions.

Percy Bennets Hawk Photograph Harvington

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