Morris Fynn | A great Son Of Africa | Portrait Photographer Birmingham


A Great Son of Africa & Hero Of The Land

Last Christmas I had the pleasure of visiting and hearing an incredible story from a remarkable man, Nalini Naidoo tells it much better than I could, her article is included here.

Portrait Photographer Birmingham

The name MORRIS LAWRENCE FYNN has become great in the history of South Africa and in the Political Arena.

Morris Fynn | A great Son Of Africa | Portrait Photographer Birmingham
Morris & The Fynn Clan

He represents a man of Courage and Fidelity to the cause in which he so strongly believed. 

Photographer Simon Donnelly Portrait of Morris Fynn Great Son of South Africa

Jarred, Morris's grandson visits

He was branded a Rebel, because he denounced the evils of racism. He was branded unpatriotic because he refused to uphold the previous unjust laws of the country. 

He was branded unpopular because of his unconventional yet effective methods used to oppose the apartheid System and Regime.

apartheid System and Regime.  MORRIS LAWRENCE FYNN
He was persecuted and incarcerated but stood uncompromisingly through storms and struggles in those dark days during a seemingly helpless, hopeless situation.

There are few in each generation, who, because of some latent force, live harder and try harder. 
They take as it were, life by the shoulders and shake it until it yields to them its own unique secret. They refuse to be like the ordinary person about them, who drift along aimlessly.

Portrait Photography By Simon Donnelly

Jarred, Morris's grandson visits the school of hope, St Martins. Sadly Morris's last project before he passed away which helped to educate local kids.

Morris Fynn Article

Morris Fynn Article

Morris was a remarkable man, people like him they stand taller, rise higher, and reach further. He has made a deep and important contribution to South Africa and leaves behind a legacy for posterity. This great Son of Africa, a true leader, has pointed his people in the right direction and helped make South Africa a free country

Art By The Children Of The School
 Hope, painted by the hands of the pupils on the wall of Morris's School

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