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Ocean Advertising - Media Wall, Birmingham

Ocean really does own its premium audience when it comes to advertising. They exhibit a unique delivery of not only creative canvas but integrated technology to go with it, creating inspirational new digital media experiences for today’s aspirational brands.

The UKs second city is young, with one of the most diverse communites in England, Birmingham is fuelled with investment such as HS2 and Metro Tram Links.

Birmingham is a prime spot for advertising campaigns too. 

There are three Media Eyes locatad around Birminghams Bull ring shopping centre aimed at hooking this young and ethnicaly diverse crowd, along with the eyes are other Ocean digital signs, situated at traffic hotspots across the city. This combined partnership can blitz millions of targets every day, the technology behind it is quite amazing if not a little George Orwellien.

Birmingham's eyes, so called because of their shape, also have integrated technology to spot gender and age demographics of the passing audience.

Frightenly good technology can differenciate, adjust, then aim targeted campaigns at specific audiences. The photography I take for company campaigns is used to calculate footfall at various times and locations through out Birmingham and the Black Country region of England.

Notoriously difficult to shoot, LED screens present a multitude of problems for photographers, getting the balance of natural and artificial light right while avoiding the moire effects caused when photographing screens is always an enjoyable challenge, more so with Billie Eilish looking down on you but hey... everything is achievable :)

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