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Miss Macaroon PR & Advertising Photography Birmingham

Miss Macaroon is a social enterprise based in the United Kingdom that specialises in creating and selling macarons, a type of French pastry. What sets Miss Macaroon apart is its commitment to providing employment opportunities and training to young people who face significant barriers to employment. The business was founded by Rosie Ginday, who wanted to use her love for baking and her passion for social impact to make a difference. Social impact drives their determination with 100% of profits going to help unemployed young people gain skills that will help to change their lives.

I've photographed many different aspects of this fantastic innovative business since its launch back in 2011 and I am blessed and very grateful to work with such a inspirational team. Diversity indeed inspires creativity in various ways. and being creative is what I love. Miss Macaroon is known for its colourful and delicious macarons. These are delicate, almond-based meringue cookies filled with various flavoured fillings. They are often known for their vibrant and eye-catching designs.

Miss Macaroon Promotional Photography Birmingham

My photography mainly shot on location in Birmingham is used for PR, Point Of Sale, Web & Social Media Content. Projects encompass office meetings, outdoor events, student training days, product shots and even royal visits. One of the central aspects of Miss Macaroon's mission is to empower young people with skills and work experience. They offer training in baking and catering, and many of their employees are individuals who have faced obstacles such as unemployment, involvement with the criminal justice system, or a history of mental health issues. By providing training and job opportunities, Miss Macaroon aims to break down barriers to employment and help individuals build brighter futures. The company's work aligns with broader efforts to address social issues like youth unemployment and criminal justice reform.

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