Roa - The Art Week Murals - Miami

Belgian artist Roa.....

Roa's niche has become animals and rodents, usually in black and white, some with an almost pen and ink style, they often include themes like life, death or even life after death, sometimes exposing skeletons and internal organs giving viewers a double take on reality. 

Street Art Photography Miami
A family of rodents plays on the wall on NW 1st Place near NW 21st Avenue.

Roa painted this huge Florida manatee mural for Miami Art Week. Working worldwide Roa often paints the animals native to the country. 

Art Week Murals Roa
101 NE 28 St Wynwood Miami

Looking at this mural from the other direction on the street, the manatee became dissected. It was a jaw dropping moment seeing this trickery live shortly after it was painted.

Roa Manatee
Like many young aspiring street artists he grew up spraying tags and over time developed his healthy obsessions painting the animal kingdom. Its what sets his murals apart, his use of muted tones, visual trickery and infinite subject detail.

Find out more about Roa here:

Wynwood is a neighbourhood in Miami, Florida, known for its vibrant and thriving art scene. It has become a major center for contemporary art, street art, and cultural events. Here are some key aspects of Wynwood's art scene:

Street Art: One of the most distinctive features of Wynwood is its extensive and colorful street art. The neighborhood is covered in murals, graffiti, and street art installations. The Wynwood Walls, a curated outdoor mural project, is a famous attraction that features work from renowned street artists.

Art Galleries: Wynwood is home to numerous art galleries showcasing a wide range of contemporary art. These galleries often host exhibitions, art openings, and events, attracting both established and emerging artists.

Art Basel Miami: Wynwood plays a significant role during Art Basel Miami, one of the world's premier art fairs. The neighbourhood hosts satellite art fairs, parties, and events during Art Basel week, drawing art enthusiasts from around the globe.

Art Walks: Wynwood hosts regular art walks, where galleries open their doors to the public in the evenings. These events provide an opportunity for the community to engage with art and artists.

Cultural Institutions: The neighbourhood is home to cultural institutions like the Wynwood Arts District Association, which plays a role in promoting and supporting the local art scene.

Art Studios: Many artists have their studios in Wynwood, contributing to the creative atmosphere and allowing visitors to see art being created firsthand.

Artistic Expression: Wynwood's art scene represents a diverse range of artistic styles and expressions, from contemporary painting and sculpture to multimedia and digital art.

Community Engagement: The art scene in Wynwood has played a significant role in revitalizing the neighborhood and engaging the local community. It has contributed to Wynwood's transformation from an industrial area into a thriving cultural hub.

Tourism: The art scene in Wynwood has become a major attraction for tourists, drawing visitors from around the world. The neighbourhoods art-centric culture has spurred economic growth and development.

Wynwood's art scene has made it a must-visit destination for art lovers, collectors, and tourists interested in experiencing a fusion of street art, contemporary art, and cultural events in a dynamic and energetic urban setting. It continues to evolve and expand, making it an exciting and ever-changing hub for the arts.

by Simon Donnelly Photographer Birmingham
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