Bidvest's Literacy Project South Africa | Documentary Photography

Rally to Read Literacy Project

Rally to Read is a South African literacy project aimed at improving literacy and educational outcomes in remote and underserved areas of the country. The project focuses on bringing literacy resources, books, and educational support to children and communities that have limited access to educational opportunities. Rally to Read is one of the initiatives working to address educational disparities in South Africa. 

Bidvest's aim is to drive positive social change, involved in community development that enhances education, health, economic inclusion and diversity. Investing in communities and human capital. Key features and objectives of the Rally to Read Literacy Project include:

Literacy Promotion: The primary goal of Rally to Read is to promote literacy and a love for reading among South African children, particularly those in rural and disadvantaged areas.

Remote Area Support: Rally to Read specifically targets remote and isolated communities where access to educational resources is limited.

Book Distribution: The project involves the distribution of books and educational materials to schools and children in these remote areas, helping to build libraries and resources in places where they are needed most.

Teacher Training: Rally to Read also offers teacher training and support to enhance the quality of education in these communities.

Community Involvement: The project often involves the active participation of local communities and volunteers who help with the distribution of resources and engage with the children to promote literacy.

Corporate and Volunteer Involvement: Rally to Read is supported by various corporate sponsors and volunteers who donate their time and resources to support the initiative. 

Long-term Impact: The project aims to make a long-term difference in the lives of South African children by improving their educational prospects and ultimately breaking the cycle of poverty through education.

Rally To Read Project

My role documented arrivals at each venue on the rally weekends, uploading with a brief outline of the days events to the projects live photo blog, each shot uploaded with relevant search engine optimisation information created to help raise awareness for the Read Literacy Project. Viewing figures for the blog were fantastic and enabled pupils and participates to re live their favourite moments online. Here in the slideshow are sets of shots from two rallies out of many.

Rally to Read is just one of many initiatives working to address educational challenges and promote literacy in South Africa, a country with a history of educational inequalities. Such projects play a crucial role in bridging these gaps and providing opportunities for children who would otherwise have limited access to quality education and books. 

Documentary Photographer in Birmingham.