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The Mailbox

7 Commercial Street, Birmingham B1 1RS, England

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The Mailbox is a spectacular looking building with its super trendy nigh time lighting. It's the former home to Royal Mails Sorting Office for Birmingham. Underneath here you will find a tunnel leading to New Street Station where they used to haul huge amounts of mail. Redeveloped during the nineties it now serves as a base for BBC Birmingham's radio and television shows and has a great selection of stores including the legendary Premium brand Harvey Nichols and many lovely eateries that back onto the Worcester and Birmingham Canals featured in the book "as if it were yesterday" 

Other major names here include Emporio Armani, Hugo Boss, Calvin Klein, Malmaison Hotel and Miller and Carter Restaurant. Visitors to the Mailbox can also enjoy a wide variety of movie screenings during their "Live The Summer" event with free screenings of sport and films, you can even see the Reading and Leeds festival here, in Birmingham! A success story happened here recently for internationally renowned Midlands based company Heaven Skincare. Now the range has been introduced to Harvey Nichols and is available in store. Founder Deborah Mitchells local company specialises in natural occurring bee venom beauty products with ecologically sound packaging. 

The Harvey Nichols Brasserie is well worth a visit with a delicious selection of European, Asian and Vegetarian dishes. They serve brunch, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner along with seasonal menus and if your celebrating they have a wonderful cocktail and champagne selection. The food is always very colourful, vibrant and fresh. They always serve in a very professional manner yet friendly making you feel welcomed.

You can relax here away from the hum drum of the city watching the pretty coloured narrow boats passing by, its a tranquil spot up until the early evening when the nightlife starts kicking in. The adjoining Malmaison boutique hotel is the perfect place to ditch your shopping bags and stay in comfort and style. If you are visiting it has first class facilities. The Chez Mal Bar and Brasserie are both worth a visit with both British and French inspired menus and the classics from Malmaison like the steak frites and the mouth-watering Mall Burger.

They always have a great range of special offers on too so check out their own website before booking through a booking agency or you may loose out on a great deal. The rooms have totally different themes which makes it fun and quirky.