WW Staff and SportsAble Sports Day - Event Photographer

WW Staff and SportsAble Sports Day - Event Photography

Fun and laughter  the order of the day, a traditional British Sports Day with staff of WW Weight Watchers and SportsAble carrying the torch for disability in sport.  SportsAble is a registered charity based in Maidenhead, Berkshire focused on providing sports and recreational activities for people with disabilities. It aims to promote inclusivity, health, and well-being through sports and physical activities.

The organisation offers a variety of sports and activities, including wheelchair sports, archery, table tennis and more. Their facilities are adapted to accommodate various disabilities, allowing people of all abilities to participate in sports and physical fitness programs.

SportsAble not only promotes physical health but also offers social and recreational opportunities, fostering a sense of community and empowerment among individuals with disabilities. They often work with both children and adults, and their programs can range from casual sports and fitness activities to competitive events.

Organised each year its a fun time capturing those participating in a light hearted recreation of bygone carefree days of school. These pics were taken pre covid... ahhh the carless abandon.... the joy !!!

I matched shoot brief and brand guidelines capturing key moments and the natural emotion that runs high. Hundreds of the shots were used to create a collage of the WW logo in reception at company HQ.

Weight Watchers Annual Staff Sports Day Event Photography

images are an essential component of WW company communications, whether its for a monthly news letter article or to create a “wow factor” gallery in their reception area. Imagery is created bespoke for Weight Watcher UK marketing team headquarters in Maidenhead. 

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