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Traditional Wedding Photography

Wedding Photographers In Birmingham

If you happen to be scrolling through the web trying to pick a wedding photographer for your own wedding, you will always come across the term "traditional wedding photography" but what does it actually mean in this day and age.

Wedding photography has changed over the years but traditional pictures still have their place.

Wedding Photographers In Birmingham

It's really an industry standard term, traditional wedding photography basically encompasses the key shots of the day, all the pictures that are set up by the photographer and usually involve a bit of art direction.

Wedding Photographers In Birmingham

Broadly speaking, I guess the purpose is to show everyone looking their best dressed and most fabulous, Its a one time opportunity to create a record of all your family and friends so even if its the first time working with a photographer its worth using one to capture everything for posterity.

Wedding Photographers In Birmingham

The majority of wedding albums you see usually contain lots of traditional wedding shots. Its fascinating to look back at pictures and reminisce over the fashion or the styling of the day.
Bearing this in mind traditional wedding pictures are usually posed to show the people and the garments at their best.

You can set aside time to shoot them or do it on the fly following the couple around as the meet different guests. Some couples prefer to go to a favourite place or setting to get the shots, somewhere which means something to them personally. Capturing these kind of images is all within my normal working practice so don't hesitate to ask.

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Sometimes shooting group shots I may need to shuffle someone along a few feet or drag the dress out to give it that natural look... Over the years the genre has somewhat fell out of fashion with documentary or photojournalistic style taking president probably because it's easier to shoot.
Traditional Wedding Photography

Traditional wedding photography takes a lot more time and organisation on the behalf of the guests and photographer. More couples now decide only to have a few shots like this but Im always on hand to take these kind of pictures. Sometimes if there's a lot of shots to do, I might designate the job of getting the folk together to the best man or usher. Personally I still think its a relevant form and it remains an important method of getting the pictures everyone wants. That could be anything like group shots with various combinations of friends and relatives or the obligatory shots cutting the cake. I've found you can still put a fun twist on these traditional methods and create some engaging and memorable shots like the one below which was actually an outtake from a formal all looking to camera shot, so its definitely worth considering setting some time aside during the day.

Normally half an hour will cover it but it does depend on the size of the families and how long it takes to find people after the ceremony. Every style tends to blend with other styles so nothings set in stone.

A Traditional wedding photographer will also use documentary or natural styles of photography to get you a pretty much perfect set of shots to look back on. 

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