Oaks Colliery Hoyle Mill Barnsley | Fine Art Print

Fine Art Print Oaks Colliery at Hoyle Mill 

near Stairfoot in Barnsley, West Riding of Yorkshire.

Scene of our worst mining disaster in history.

Views of England, available as traditional fine art giclee print or ready to hang wall art with a modern contemporary metallic finish.


Kodak has placed a silvery metallic surface under the dye image. This layer acts like a mirror, reflecting the light illuminating the front of the print back through the dyes. The result is a brilliant, almost translucent effect that can be far brighter than conventional pictures. Its then bonded to aluminium with a satin laminate to protect the face of the print. This is then mounted on a aluminium sub frame for easy hanging.


Hahnemule Pearl has a smooth orange peel texture, it offers vibrant colour reproduction and great detail too. The paper is resin coated with a fibrous feel. The satin finish of the resin coating gives depth to the image which give the prints the unique feel of watercolour paper. The print includes a white border ready for art mounting or framing.

By Simon Donnelly

Photographer Birmingham find out more about me