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Birmingham Botanical Gardens and Glasshouses

Westbourne Road,  Edgbaston, Birmingham B15 3TR, England

Birmingham Botanical Photographs

This hidden gem is one of the top attractions in Birmingham thats stood the test of time, the Botanical Gardens.

A wonderful way to unwind with amazing glasshouses and manicured gardens showing plants from all over the world. It's in Edgbaston and close to the city. It spans about fifteen acres. It was founded in 1829 on land  on Lord Calthorpe¹s Estate.

It remains very much the same as it was then. Back then travellers went to exotic places all over the world bringing back different plant species, the Birmingham Botanical and Horticultural Society was formed due to public interest in gardening basically. Back in the Edwardian era the Glasshouses and Gardens were already popular and the addition of a band stand made it a top destination for family days out.

Today it's still a magical and unique venue catering for many of social functions as it did back then including wedding receptions, corporate events and private parties. It can be difficult to park here and the public transport isn't great to this place so I would say walk, bike or get a taxi if you can. The on-site car park has space for 120 cars and 10 bicycles.

The only road running past the place can get very congested with traffic and school coaches. Spring is a great time to visit as its less crowded and you get the gardens maximum effect when the Magnolias are in bloom and blossom is everywhere. You will be able to get plenty of nice pictures here for your socials or selfies. With all year round events and parties happening, it always has a nice vibe about the place. Either on your own or with your family its a fascinating place to visit.

The recently opened butterfly house has been a really successful addition alongside the existing bird aviaries. There was a lantern festival here last Christmas which was lovely and the grounds are occasionally used for wedding photoshoots which is always fun to watch.

You will always find something new and interesting and its easy to spend half the day here. You can even bring your own picnic! Some of the events running through the summer include an open air cinema and a Peppa Pig Meet And Greet :)

You could also try the Falconry Day or take one of the guided tours a discover the heritage and history of the Birmingham Botanical Gardens.

One of the best things about this place apart from the friendly peacocks are the variety of different things to do are all the activities. Including a great playground with equipment for all ages and fun trails to complete. You can also find a shop with some wonderful  gifts, a selection of beautiful, hand-crafted African sculptures and a large selection of interesting plants and the gardening tools needed to look after them. Everything is reasonably priced so it wont break the bank. I've been here many times to many different functions including weddings, conferences and the staff are always very helpful and polite. 

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